Salmon Cream Cheese Spread

Cook Time: 15
Servings: 6


1 15oz can of pink salmon
1 8oz cream cheese
1/2 tea spoon horseradish
1/3 tea spoon liquid smoke
1/3 cup diced green onion
1/2 cup pecans chopped Pita crackers (optional)

Salmon is known for its high content of Omega 3 fatty acids which is absolutely necessary for normal metabolism.

This recipe is not from Russian kitchen, I’ve gotten it from a friend several years ago, but I like it and always get good comments. This time I did not have pecans so I’ve used almonds instead and it worked very well.



Get salmon out of the can and drain the liquid.


Clean it from the skin and bones.


Then blend salmon, cream cheese, horseradish and liquid smoke in a food processor.

IMG_3211   IMG_3213

Add onion and  mix well.


Form a ball and garnish with crashed nuts on top.


Serve with pita crackers, or use your favorit ones.

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