Russian Draniki Recipe – Potato Pancakes or Hashbrowns

Cook Time: 30 minutes
Servings: 4-6


5-6 potatoes
1 egg
1/4 onion
1 teaspoon of salt
oil for frying
sour cream & katchup for dipping

Draniki are very popular in our house, every saturday they make their appearance here in one way or another. They are shredded potato pancakes and are like hashbrowns but in a small pancake form.

We make them in 2 varieties, this large grader version and also the small grader version. Sometimes I don’t put any onions in there at all and make it simple.

Here are the large grader version.

Potato Draniki - Done

And here are the small grader version

Potato Draniki - Small Done

You will need to get the number of potatoes as the number of people eating them. So if you have a family of 5, use 5 potatoes.

Potato Draniki - Ingredients

Peel the potatoes, wash them and grade them on a large grader. I just bought this one from Amazon and I really like it. I tried using a rotary grader like this before, but It is not convenient. Too much stuff to take apart and wash after. So the manual simple grader like this worked the best for me. It is fast and easy to quickly wash after.

Potato Draniki - Potatoes grading

I only use a quarter of an onion because it adds the onion flavor it needs but there is no need to add more. Cutting the onion is not hard but I like to slice into about a quarter inch thick slices and then cut them across into little squares as the onion layers fall apart. Then I chop them up even more as much as I can. This will make perfect size pieces to match the thickness of the potatoes.

Potato Draniki - Onion Slising
Potato Draniki - Onion Chopping
Potato Draniki - Onions

Mix the potatoes, onions, egg and salt together in a large bowl. Make sure it is all mixed well so the salt is mixed with all the ingredients.

Potato Draniki - Large Grader Mix
Potato Draniki – Large Grader Mix
Potato Draniki - Small Grader Mix
Potato Draniki – Small Grader Mix

Prepare a large plate with some paper towels on it to put the done draniki on.

Add some frying oil to a frying pan so it is about 1/8 inch deep and heat up the pan. You want to get it hot before adding the draniki mixture to the oil. I use my palm to feel if the oil is hot by holding it about 2 inches away. I don’t recommend you do it, just saying that is how I tell if its hot enough. Once it is hot, turn the heat to about 3 (about 1/3 heat).

Use a fork to scoop some mixture and place into the hot oil. Flatten it out with the fork so it is a 1/4 inch to 3/8 inch thick. You don’t want it too thick so it cooks through good.

Potato Draniki - Large Frying
Potato Draniki – Large Frying
Potato Draniki - Small Frying
Potato Draniki – Small Frying

When you scoop the mixture from the bowl, make sure to mix it well each time you take some because the potatoes and the onions will release juice and you don’t want to lose it. When you scoop, you want to get the nice wet mixture.

I made small pancakes in this recipe so I placed 6 small pancakes into the pan, each about 4 to 5 inches.

Control the heat, increasing a little and decreasing a little to keep the heat just right so it doesn’t burn the draniki and also so it doesn’t cool down.

Fry them until you see the edges get golden and then flip them over.

Potato Draniki - Large Frying
Potato Draniki – Large Frying
Potato Draniki - Small Frying
Potato Draniki – Large Frying

Fry them on the second side a couple minutes and then flip one over to see if its golden on the under side. If it is, then these are done.

Potato Draniki - Large Ready
Potato Draniki – Large Ready
Potato Draniki - Small Ready
Potato Draniki – Small Ready

Pile them onto the plate until all of them are fried. We like to have them for breakfast with eggs and sausage. Sometimes we’ll just have them by themselves as a snack. Very rarely though because I only make them on Saturday mornings and they are usually gone by the time everyone is done having breakfast.

These draniki go very well with some sour cream and ketchup.

Potato Draniki - Large Done
Potato Draniki – Large Done
Potato Draniki - Small Done
Potato Draniki – Small Done

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