Broccoli Puree Soup

This broccoli soup is somewhat different from traditional American style, but still one of the favorite. Cook meat in water with half of onion, one carrot and salary, until meat is tender. Take the meat out of the broth and reserve it. Wash, peal and cut potatoes into a bite-size and add it to the pot. Season with salt. … Read more

Pounded Chicken Breast

Lovely and tender chicken breast recipe, which will delight your family. It does not take a lot of time to prepare. Cut chicken breasts into half. Gently pound it with a kitchen hammer. Season with garlic salt and ground black pepper. Whisk an egg in a medium bowl. Dip each piece of pounded chicken into an egg solution. Then … Read more

Roasted Eggplant Salad

Here is another delicious dish to make with an eggplant. Rince eggplants, cut off the stem and peel the skin. Cut eggplant in wedges half length. Sprinkle with salt and keep it in colander for 15 minutes, letting the bitter juices drip off. Pat the wedges dry with the paper towel. Combine olive oil, vinegar,  garlic and … Read more

Fruity Beverage (Kompot)

Kompot is one of the traditional beverages prepared in almost every family of Eastern Europe. It can be made from fresh or dry fruits, depending on the season of the year. Usually it is served as a cold drink, but some body might like it warm as well. Any variety of fruits will make a … Read more