Russian Layered Lavash Cake

Cook Time: 40 min
Servings: 6


1 package of Lavash bread

For Pudding:
1/2 galon of milk
1 to 1 1/2 cup cane sugar
4 eggs
3 table spoons unbleached flour
100gr (4oz) of unsalted butter
1 tea spoon vanilla or
1/2 tea spoon almond extract

For Topping:
1/2 cup any cookie crumbs
1/4 cup crushed walnuts

I’ve used the Lavash bread sheets to simplify the preparation of “Napoleon” like cake. It will save a lot of your time and will surprise your family.
Lavash bread can be found in some European or Asian stores. Choose the one that consists of a few thin sheets.

We will start with preparing the pudding first:

IMG_3915In a medium bowl whisk eggs with sugar.

Add 1/2 cup of milk and whisk it together.

Add flour and mix it to the smooth consistency.


In the pot bring the rest of the milk to a boil, stirring every few minutes. (* tip)
Lower the heat and slowly add egg mixture, while continue constantly stirring the pudding.

As soon as it starts thickening and bubbling, take pan off from the heat and let it cool to a room temperature.

While pudding is cooling, lets prepare the bread sheets.

IMG_4387Lavash bread is usually folded in three. I cut it along the folded lines.

Dry each sheet of bread in hot oven at 350F for 3-4 min on each side.

When finished with bread, lets return to the pudding…

Add broken pieces of butter and vanilla or almond extract to the pudding. Let butter get melted and mix it well.

Spread the pudding over each layer of the bread, stacking and arranging them evenly one on top of the other.

Put the cake in refrigerator for over night.

Take the cake out from refrigerator. Trim uneven edges around the cake, making it more attractive.  Sprinkle with cookie crumbs and chopped walnuts.

Enjoy it with your coffee or tea.

*(tip: keeping a spoon in the milk, while boiling, will reduce the risk of spilling the milk over the edge.)

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