Fruity Beverage (Kompot)

Kompot is one of the traditional beverages prepared in almost every family of Eastern Europe. It can be made from fresh or dry fruits, depending on the season of the year. Usually it is served as a cold drink, but some body might like it warm as well. Any variety of fruits will make a … Read more

Cottage Cheese Plum Cake

I would say this cake is a kind of a Russian style of a cheesecake with fruits. Instead of a crust there is a soft dough with a tender texture. The filling is made with a home made cottage cheese, which is dense, unlike regular American cottage cheese. It can be bought at a Russian grocery store. … Read more

Eggplant Rolls With Mushrooms

Another wonderful recipe for an eggplant. The interesting fact is that it is a great source of energy, but at the same time it is very low in calories (25-35cal per cup). Eggplant considered as one of the world’s healthier food. It is very rich in nutrition (about 80). It is high in fiber (9). Eggplant is compound with … Read more

Carrot With Raisin Salad

This salad is very easy to prepare and it is great in taste. Carrot is a wonderful supplier of health benefits. It provides our body with multiple vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which help to prevent and treat some health conditions and diseases. Just eating a carrot a day, you may see some changes in your skin, hair, … Read more

Cabbage with Italian Sausage

Cabbage cooked with meet and tomato sauce is one of few popular dishes on the Russian/Ukranian family table. Beef ground meet is generally used. I’ve used a mild italian sausage this time. This recipe requires: 0,5 pounds of ground italian sousage; 1/2 head of cabbage shredded; 1-2 shredded carrots; 1 onion sliced and cut in quarters; 3-4 table … Read more

Radish And Cabbage Salad

I did not find many good radish salads. This one is worth to try. It can be dressed with sour cream or yogurt, but it also very good with sunflower oil or your favorit salad oil. You will need:   1 bunch of radishes; 1/2 medium cabbage; 3-4 green onions(or 1/2 cup cut green onions);  1/2 cup … Read more

Carrot Beet Juice

Amazing healthy morning or snack drink . Carrots and beets are very beneficial for cleansing a liver and a gall bladder. You will need a juicer to be able to make this drink. Cut vegetables and fruits the size your juicer requires. Process vegetables and fruits through the juicer. Enjoy the healthy breakfast or snack. Sometimes I … Read more

Beet Salad

Delicious salad for parties or for every day dining. It can be served as a side dish or just with a slice of a toast. Cook beets in water until tender (30-40 min). Take out from water and cool. Peel the skin off. Shred the beets. Add raisins, nuts and garlic. Combine sour cream with Ranch dressing … Read more