Roasted Eggplant Salad

Here is another delicious dish to make with an eggplant. Rince eggplants, cut off the stem and peel the skin. Cut eggplant in wedges… read more »

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Russian Crepes With Cottage Cheese And Spinach Reciepe

This delicious dish can be made for any family occasion. Crepes are great with different kind of fillings or without the filling, with any sweet or… read more »

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Fish Cakes

If you enjoy eating fish, like I do, you may want to try these delicious fish cakes to vary your diet and get your… read more »

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Cottage Cheese Plum Cake

I would say this cake is a kind of a Russian style of a cheesecake with fruits. Instead of a crust there is a soft… read more »

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Eggplant Rolls With Mushrooms

Another wonderful recipe for an eggplant. The interesting fact is that it is a great source of energy, but at the same time it is very… read more »

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Carrot With Raisin Salad

This salad is very easy to prepare and it is great in taste. Carrot is a wonderful supplier of health benefits. It provides our body with… read more »

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Radish And Cabbage Salad

I did not find many good radish salads. This one is worth to try. It can be dressed with sour cream or yogurt, but it also… read more »

2 comments / by Olga / on June 24, 2014

Carrot Beet Juice

Amazing healthy morning or snack drink . Carrots and beets are very beneficial for cleansing a liver and a gall bladder. You will need a… read more »

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Zebra Coffee Cake

The main recipe of Zebra cake usually requires cocoa powder for middle layer. I did not have cocoa, so I’ve tried to use an instant coffee…. read more »

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Crepes With Chicken (Russian Blini)

I had a baked chicken left over from Yesterday, which I decided to use for the stuffing, and it was such a good idea. I… read more »

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Welcome To My Blog!

Hi, my name is Olga.  I would like to welcome you to my site.

I created it first of all, to save my family’s recipes and then to share them with my friends and those who have tasted some Russian/Ukrainian food and liked it. But I also would like to introduce it to those who haven’t yet, but would like to.

I will try to keep my recipes simple, but there are few that might require more prep time or ingredients for preparation. You will also find some of my family’s favorite American recipes here and other international cuisines.

I thank you for visiting my site. I hope you will fall in love with Russian/Ukrainian food and will come back again.