Beef Stew With Mushrooms

This recipe is very useful with any side-dish. Serve it on top of the mashed potato, cooked rice, pasta or a buckwheat. It will complement… read more »

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Meatloaf With Mushrooms

Great addition to your every day menu or your Holiday table. I prefer to use three different ground meets for this recire: beef, pork and poultry…. read more »

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Carrot Beet Juice

Amazing healthy morning or snack drink . Carrots and beets are very beneficial for cleansing a liver and a gall bladder. You will need a… read more »

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Salmon Cream Cheese Spread

Salmon is known for its high content of Omega 3 fatty acids which is absolutely necessary for normal metabolism. This recipe is not from Russian kitchen, I’ve gotten… read more »

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Baked Trout

Healthy, simple recipe. Just put it in the oven – it will do the job, while family gets together for the diner. Cut out head… read more »

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Chicken Broccoli Soup

This broccoli soup made of chicken breast and vegetables. I added the ranch dressing at the end, which brought the unique flavor to the soup…. read more »

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Roasted Cabbage

Roasted cabbage is a very simple dish to prepare.  It tastes great. It may become your favorite way to prepare cabbage. Cut cabbage in… read more »

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Fish In Alfredo Sauce

I like to use swai fillets for some of my recipes. This is one of the tender and juicy fish recipe. Season fillets with salt,… read more »

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Russian Butternut Squash Soup Reciepe

Healthy, delicious and  rich of flavors. Made with roasted squash and bacon to bring that extra flavor to the soup. Wash butternut squash and… read more »

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Chicken Thighs In Marinade

I read about mayonaise with ketchup marinade, but never mixed it together. This time I decided to try it on my chicken thighs. Since… read more »

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Welcome To My Blog!

Hi, my name is Olga.  I would like to welcome you to my site.

I created it first of all, to save my family’s recipes and then to share them with my friends and those who have tasted some Russian/Ukrainian food and liked it. But I also would like to introduce it to those who haven’t yet, but would like to.

I will try to keep my recipes simple, but there are few that might require more prep time or ingredients for preparation. You will also find some of my family’s favorite American recipes here and other international cuisines.

I thank you for visiting my site. I hope you will fall in love with Russian/Ukrainian food and will come back again.