Russian Cottage Cheese Cake With Pineapple Recipe

Love recipes from cottage cheese for their delicious taste. This one is not exception. I am using a Farm cottage cheese. It is possible… read more »

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Russian Saute Cabbage Casserole Recipe

This recipe is very useful. It doesn’t take a lot of time to prepare, can be made with different fillings and it tastes great.  We… read more »

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Russian Pierogi With Potato and Spinach

These pierogi are made from scratch. But most of the time I will buy a frozen white bread dough or White Dinner Rolls dough for this… read more »

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Russian Tuna With Tomato Salad

This easy recipe, takes very little time. I would call it “The guest is at the door” because you can make it while your… read more »

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Russian Pear Crust Pie Recipe

I’ve used slightly under-ripe pears and raisins for this pie. Cranberries or cherries may substitute the raisins very well. To make it even easier buy a refrigerated Pie… read more »

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Russian Crab Salad Recipe

There is many different varieties of crab salad. This one is with green onion, peas and garlic. Easy to make for gethering, if you just boil eggs in… read more »

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Russian Layered Lavash Cake

I’ve used the Lavash bread sheets to simplify the preparation of “Napoleon” like cake. It will save a lot of your time and will surprise… read more »

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Russian Farmer’s Cheese Pancakes (Syrniki) Recipe

Syrniki are tender pancakes, made out of farmer’s cheese (tvorog). They are a traditional dessert in Russia and will make an excellent breakfast as well. Mix… read more »

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Stuffed Pumpkin Dessert

Very unique and delicious dessert to serve for your Thanksgiving dinner, or just for any other family celebration. Cut the top of the pumpkin. With… read more »

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Fruity Smoothy

It does not take a lot to make a light healthy smoothy for your brakfast or snack. You will never make a mistake. Use… read more »

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Hi, my name is Olga.  I would like to welcome you to my site.

I created it first of all, to save my family’s recipes and then to share them with my friends and those who have tasted some Russian/Ukrainian food and liked it. But I also would like to introduce it to those who haven’t yet, but would like to.

I will try to keep my recipes simple, but there are few that might require more prep time or ingredients for preparation. You will also find some of my family’s favorite American recipes here and other international cuisines.

I thank you for visiting my site. I hope you will fall in love with Russian/Ukrainian food and will come back again.